Table 3

Example of the qualitative inductive analysis process
Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Category Theme
‘Drugs disappear, because we are poor, they have to eat! Should they [health workers] go and steal on the street? So, that is how people are surviving.’ Selling drugs to survive Informal payments is a coping strategy Informal payment
‘Me I feel that because of that very little funding people have continued to request money from the patients.’ Low salaries fueling under table payment
‘If I have paid to get my job, then I’ll work without earning salary, how am I going to survive? I have to get a way of surviving, either I’ll sell the service or I’ll sell the drugs of the hospital.’ Paying for jobs fueling under table payment
‘So Sister X is invited to the committee to ask the technical questions, after that, she goes out. She is not invited for the evaluation; it is for that committee to decide who is to get that job. So it is than that the committee says ‘we want such and such of money.” Acquiring a position not only based on who has the best technical knowledge Informal payments might lead to lack of competences
‘Even in the trainings I understand, they tell you that, ‘for us we came to pass eh, because we paid our money.’ So, at times, the basic knowledge they have, is not adequate.’ Lacking basic knowledge because it is possible to pay to pass

Bergström et al.

Bergström et al. Implementation Science 2012 7:117   doi:10.1186/1748-5908-7-117

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