Table 2

Example of the qualitative directed content analysis process
Theme Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Category
Evaluation ‘We could also ask questions concerning that particular patient. Even other patients. If you have a knowledge gap you ask the doctor and from there he will also tell you what you are really supposed to do, then you pick up from there.’ Audit meetings helps the team in identifying gaps in practice Evaluating provided healthcare can lead to improvements
‘You know that if we had more of such meeting we would go on improving. Gradually. If we in another meeting raise another problem it also gets solved.’ Meetings facilitates solving problems
‘And then everybody reacts on those comments and you look forward, what are we going to do?’ Meetings assisting team to improve
‘And in most cases now when we go for these maternal audits and what, that perinatal audit. When you have sat in that meeting and you see what ever had happened to that patient and you see that whatever was supposed to happen to that patient was not done. That’s when you realize there is a gap’ Audit meetings helps the individual in identifying and acting on knowledge and practice gaps
‘They [evaluation tools] come from the Ministry of Health, they are Ministry of Health checklists, but it is quite a big book eh? So it depends on what you will check on, on that particular day.’ Support supervision is undertaken utilizing tools from Ministry of Health. Evaluating practices on-site is key
‘If you give the skills and knowledge to the participants and then you don’t conduct supportive supervision, at times they might not implement. So, supportive supervision is the key component in ensuring that health workers do practice the new skills and knowledge.’ Support supervision is a key component in ensuring that health workers practice their new skills and knowledge.
‘You go in a health facility and you sit, that whole day you go and sit with that person and you look at her and you see how she does it and then you sit with her and work with her and says ‘that this is how you should have done it, this is how you should fill the register, this is how you should order your antiretroviral drugs.’ Support supervision requires observing how health workers do things

Bergström et al.

Bergström et al. Implementation Science 2012 7:117   doi:10.1186/1748-5908-7-117

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